Joshua Olatunde


In The Works

SOUTH CHICAGO: A Drama in Two-Acts



The 2010 Recession left Kenneth Nichols jobless and forced to support his family with little savings and no health-care.  His bank agreed to modify his mortgage with a stipulation he’d payback the money owed within a year. 

It’s now Fall 2011 and Kenny’s still without work.  His son hates him and his ill wife’s working to keep the family afloat.  In a bind, Nichols decides to act knowing the bank will be requesting payment soon.  He invests money from the ‘family account’ into a resurging stock market and loses everything. 

Now Kenny’s on a mission to keep this secret from his family – who’s only days from being evicted.  He begs, cries and manipulates anyone to earn a buck, but soon realizes the financial state of his associates mirrors his.  Unsure of his next move, Kenny vows to keep his secret and fix things before it’s too late.  A former deadbeat dad with a rocky past, he refuses to risk his ‘new life’ for anything – even his family’s sake.




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